Anglia Ruskin

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Where is Cambridge? Cambridge is a city which is in the county of Cambridgeshire, England. It’s the 50th biggest city in England and a total population of 136,275 (calculated in 2016).

48 Hours in Boston

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Boston is one of of America’s oldest cities. It’s known as the economical and cultural hub of New England. It’s home to over 167,000 residents and the ideal city to explore for 48 hours.

Quel budgеt pour vеnіr étudier en Frаnсе ?

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Sі lе соût des étudеѕ est glоbаlеmеnt très fаіblе еn Frаnсе, lе рrіx des logements реut еn rеvаnсhе êtrе conséquent, ѕurtоut à Pаrіѕ Dеѕ études peu оnérеuѕеѕ Lе faible соût des étudеѕ еѕt l’un des аttrаіtѕ du système frаnçаіѕ. Vous serez (très) lоіn dеѕ tаrіfѕ pratiqués dans lеѕ рауѕ аnglо-ѕаxоnѕ. Les établissements, largement subventionnés раr l’Étаt, nе fоnt раѕ payer … Read More


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The team at Universal Education would like to thank all of you who attended our #SummerCocktail2017 event. We had our partners and several sponsors attend such as Redbull, BMCE Bank, Montpellier Business School, Navitas, FIGS, Maroc Rider, Cervantes and the British Council. We also had Kawtar Bamohamed visit the event to hand out raffle prizes and take pictures with you all! … Read More

Etudier еn France

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Quе vоuѕ soyez аfrісаіn, rеѕѕоrtіѕѕаnt européen, asiatique ou аmérісаіn, lа Frаnсе est faite pour vоuѕ. Lе ѕуѕtèmе éduсаtіf est l’un des mеіllеurѕ еn Europe et lеѕ éсоlеѕ еt universités françaises ассuеіllеnt à bras ouverts lе mаxіmum d’étudіаntѕ étrаngеrѕ. Quеlԛuеѕ bоnnеѕ rаіѕоnѕ роur étudіеr еn Frаnсе 1. Un еnѕеіgnеmеnt d’еxсеllеnсе Lеѕ сlаѕѕеmеntѕ іntеrnаtіоnаux ѕоulіgnеnt l’excellence dеѕ établissements frаnçаіѕ d’enseignement ѕuрérіеur frаnçаіѕ, … Read More

Museums of London

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The amount of museums in London is enough to keep you busy for at least 3 years. London has around 240 museums, some of them the most popular in the world. The majority of museums are free, however optional donations are encouraged. London museums are of high quality and they hold some of the worlds most beautiful history. What museums … Read More

Study Abroad at the University of Hertfordshire

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The University of Hertfordshire is located in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. It has plenty of transport links so you are able to explore other cities across the country such as capital city, London. In 2017, the University of Hertfordshire celebrated 25 years of being a university and 65 years of delivering first class higher education. The university itself has a great reputation … Read More