Campus or Rent?

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Campus or Rent?

You may have clicked on this post as you are considering going to university but you’re unsure if you should live on campus or rent somewhere off campus.

Universal Education have written this handy blog post to help you decide what to do!

Living on campus can be a great experience when first moving to university. You move into a flat with a range of new people, it really allows you to mix with people you wouldn’t normally speak to. It provides you with a range of friends, some of those friends end up being there for you, for life.

Not only is the social aspect of living on campus great, it allows you to be central for classes, the library and key areas within the university. Many places have security and maintenance included within your rent. You are less likely to be responsible for your bills, as most on campus universities include bills within your rent.

If you are going to a university abroad, an on campus accommodation may be better to help you settle into your new city and country.

Renting can be a cheaper option, you are more likely to have accommodation further away from the university. It’s good to meet people within a shared house environment and you are more likely to have more space in a house than most accommodations.

You are more likely to have to pay bills within a shared house, you have to worry about splitting the bills and sharing bathrooms.

Getting a good landlord is also important, you want to have a reliable and trustworthy landlord that will fix things when you need and make your life easier living in your house. You are also more likely to be able to stay at home over the summer, where as living on campus you need to be moved out for the next year approaching.

There are pros and cons to both sides but if you are going to university, choose what is best for you.

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