Florida International University

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Where is Florida? 

Florida is known in Spanish as the “Land of flowers” it is a state located in the United States of America, in the south east region. It is populated by 20.27 million (2015) and it is well-known for it’s warm climate and sunny days.

Universal Education are partnered with Florida International University. The university offers bachelor’s, masters as well as doctoral degrees.

It is known as a top-tier research university and the Herbert Werthiem College of Medicine and the School of Computing are just two of the many schools that enhance the universities reputation for research.

They have a student body of over 54,000 and they are among the top 10 largest universities in the nation. They have 200,000 alumni, full of successful graduates.

The university attracts people from all over the world and is one of the most diverse places to study.


Florida is an ideal place for students to live. There is a strong focus on tourism and international trade. There are over 600 miles of beaches, world class attractions, seaports and a vibrant student nightlife. It brings around 76 million visitors per year, so why not live there and enjoy the fun as a student?

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