Study at Prague College

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Prague is the capital and largest city in Czech Republic. It is the 14th largest city in Europe and is populated by 1.26 million people.

Prague College is one of our partner universities, it is a private university which was founded in 2004 by an international team including Canadian Director Douglas Hajek, American Deputy Director, Jeffrey Buehler and Croatian Natasa Babic.

The college is committed to providing an excellent university experience and they pay careful attention to each individual student.

The university has 3 main schools.

The school of Business, The school of Art & Design and School of Media & IT. There are 19 programmes to choose from including bachelors and masters programmes.

You can study subjects such as Business Finance & Accounting, Fine Art, Graphic Design as well as Computing and Media Studies.

They focus on ensuring the employability of the graduates, as well as being committed to supporting activities that develop local and international communities. They foster a diverse and dynamic learning environment that sparks creativity.

The main values of Prague College are creativity, competence, connectedness and innovation. The students that attend are curious, inquisitive, they enjoy discovery and being diverse and understanding.

The city itself is a vibrant student city and we’ve listed some top reasons you should study in Prague.

  • It is a cultural city, full of museums, art galleries and photography collections to admire and appreciate.
  • Make many international friends – Prague attracts students from all around the globe and you will meet many people from different cultures and countries.
  • Prague is known for it’s crazy wildlife. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a dance club or an underground bar… there is plenty of choice to suit every person.
  • It’s a city which is beautiful to look at, the architecture and quaint streets are amazing to explore.

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