Study Abroad in Cambridge

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Where is Cambridge? 

Cambridge is a university city in the county of Cambridgeshire, England. The population of Cambridge calculated in 2016 is 136,275 which makes it the 50th biggest city in England.

Universal Education are partnered with Anglia Ruskin University based in Cambridge. The university is ranked 118 in the world university rankings of 2017.  The university dates back to 1858 when John Ruskin opened the university.

The student satisfaction rating is high with over 4.15/5 of students being satisfied with their course and university experience.

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Many of the courses are recognised by industry and a high amount of courses are professionally accredited.

The course structures at Anglia Ruskin is modular, allowing students to study a choice of topics within one course.

Cambridge is the perfect student city with a vibrant city and campus full of life.

The Anglia Ruskin Campus features four university libraries with an extensive range of digital and print collections for every course. Creative facilities all with high-tech equipment for media such as recording studios, a TV studio and a music therapy clinic.

For science and healthcare courses there is a suite of forensic science laboratories, which even includes a scene of crime unit.

Everything is close in the city so students are able to walk and cycle to get to everything they need.

There are a number of shopping centres such as the Grand Arcade and the Lion Yard which you can find a treasure trove of high street and luxury shops. There are restaurants dotted around the city with every cuisine imaginable which are ideal to go with your student friends.

Studying abroad is ideal to explore new parts of another country. Cambridge is close to the capital city of England, London. It is under an hour away by train which is ideal if you are looking to explore other parts of England.

Cambridge is a diverse city and is one of the most famous places to study abroad. Thousands of students travel from around the world, so you can expect to meet all kinds of people from different cultures and religions.

It’s beautiful if you love nature, it is known for the gardens, surrounding countryside and river.

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