Trades and careers: Marketing

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In the field of Marketing, we distinguish the following types of actors, the firm itself that creates and designs the product on the strategic marketing level, communication and advertising agencies namely the tactical and operational level, and finally media that buy and sell spaces of communication on media that operate on the operational level. To help you reconcile the opportunities the field of study in Marketing here is a partial list; trades and careers in Marketing by the 3 levels of marketing, strategic, tactical and operational.

At the strategic level

  • Marketing Director: His/her role is the creation of strategic marketing plans of the product
  • Strategic Planner: His/her role is to provide strategic analysis, competitive and business intelligence, the effectiveness of advertising partner by target audience
  • Media planner: His/her role is the programming of advertising campaigns based on strategic instructions and target audience.
  • Market study Director: Determines the types of effective market studies on the strategic level to define the marketing and sales strategy.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: Design and control the online marketing business strategy in order to bring the product closer to Internet users.
  • Brand Manager: his/her role is to manage the brand and the durability of the brand among customers.


At the tactical level (creation and Media)

  • Graphic designer: His/her role is summed up in the design of logos, graphics brand to translate the firm culture and advertising message.
  • Art Director: His/her role is to control all the elements that are within the graphical side on the image of the brand for a better translation of the advertising message of the company.
  • Web Art Director: His/her role results in the management and maintenance of the digital image of the company, emphasizing its website, the clarity of information and ease of access to information.
  • Creative Director: His/her role is to over see the work of art director and copywriter for the proposed projects if they are in line with customer expectations and the creative identity of the agency.

At the operational level 

  • Advertising Manager: His/her role is summed up in being the intermediary between the advertiser and the team of the advertising/communication agency, his/her work goes shopping on the eve of information.
  • Account Manager: His/her role in advertising and communication entity is to sell its customers the benefits of his agency.
  • Sales Manager: as the name states commercial director manages a sales team and ensure the effectiveness and the achievement of objectives for his team.
  • Ads space buyer: His/her role is buying advertising space in the media / non-media ; radio, TV, magazine , billboards , web …
  • Ads space salesman: His/her role is the sale of advertising spaces appropriate to each operation to optimize the image of its clients.
  • Commercial: The role of trade and given the fierce market competition will summarize more than selling the products but also to convey a perfect image of the company and ensure the loyalty of its customers



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