Get organised!

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Organisation is a huge part of studying, you are bombarded with deadlines, research tasks and things you need to remember. If you aren’t organised at university, you will begin to struggle very quickly.

Have a calendar – Whether you prefer using a diary, calendar or online calendar having a single place to store your important dates and deadlines is key. It’s a way of guaranteeing you won’t miss the important things and social dates in your calendar too.

Plan ahead –  Plan one day at a time, if you have set daily goals and a clearly outlined to do list you’ll get through the things you need to do in no time.

Don’t leave things until the last minute  – This is potentially the most important tip, do your work when you receive it. You don’t want to be up at the early hours of the morning, save stress and get work done before.

Say no, sometimes – Sometimes it’s often necessary to say no to that drink or that coffee. Always prioritise your studies over anything else.

Have a set place to study – Have a place where you can get in your zone. It may be your desk, the library or a coffee shop. Find a place you can get your head down and be productive.

Avoid overload – Try not to do too much at once, you will only overload yourself and take one thing at a time.

Reward yourself – Don’t forget to treat yourself! You’ve worked hard, reward yourself every now and then.


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