Luxury Visits: The Maldives

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The Maldives is a beautiful country to visit for a holiday or a luxury break. It’s a tropical place and many people visit for the sandy beaches and the water sports. Here are Universal Education’s top 5 things to see and do when visiting this paradise.


  1. Explore underwater – The Maldives has a reputation of being a divers dream. Go underwater and scuba dive, taking in the wonders of the sea. The Maldives have tropical fish which you can admire on your underwater adventure.
  2. Beach relaxing – There are some beautiful beaches to be seen, soak up the sunshine with a good book or a snooze.
  3. Dolphin watch – Hop on a boat and go see the dolphins. See these fascinating creatures first hand and get some amazing photo opportunities.
  4. Visit a Maldivian village – Come away from the tourist side of the country and go and explore the local villages and meet the people who live there.
  5. Fish – There are several opportunities that allow you to join the local fishermen and go on a deep sea fishing adventure.




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