Exploring Amsterdam: 1 day

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It’s amazing how much you can do in 24 hours. Whether you are just having a short visit, or just waiting for a connecting flight. You can easily explore a country in a short amount of time.

8:00 AM – Breakfast time!

Fuel the day with coffee and a good breakfast. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and places to eat in the city. The Breakfast Club is an ideal spot for a lazy breakfast at an affordable price. Grab some pancakes or even a full english, ready for the busy day exploring.

9:00 AM – Museum time!

Amsterdam is full of culture and history to explore. The Ann Frank Museum is one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam. You can see documents and a collection of original objects owned by the Frank family. Being prepared and arriving earlier in the day will avoid queuing for too long. If that’s not your thing theres the Van Gough Museum, art galleries and wide range of things to see, depending on your interests.

11:00 AM – Cruise the canals

What a better way to explore a new city than by boat? Jump on a canal cruise to take you through the entire city. It will give you a different kind of perspective, as well as being especially good for some photo opportunities.

12:00 PM – Flower market

The flower market along the canal is amazingly full of colours and so many types of flowers which are beautiful to admire.

1:00 PM – Lunch time

Be spontaneous and find a spot for lunch. There are plenty of little cafes and places to eat lunch. There are a wide range of cuisines for a sit down lunch, or simple grab a coffee and a stroop waffle from the vans located around the city!

5:00 PM – Ditch the map

The city is full of tiny streets full of little boutique shops, take some spending money and go souvenir shopping. You’re bound to find something for your loved ones or friends.

8:00 PM – Cocktails!

Grab a drink with friends or treat yourself to a cocktail at SkyLounge. Have a cocktail with a view with a stunning scene of the skyline in front of you.

10:00 PM – If you’re still up…

Amsterdam is alive at night with many nightclubs and late open bars to have drinks with your friends and socialise.

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