Studies abroad: Trendy and new destinations for studying abroad.

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Where do young Moroccan students go for study over the 10 last years? What fields? Are there new trendy destinations? What schools or universities? This is everything you should know about life abroad.

Over 55 000 Moroccan students study abroad, mostly in Europe. France is the first and most requested destination for students to attend from Morocco with over 35 000 students.

Morocco represents the first foreign student community in the hexagon. Spain, Germany and Italy are the main destinations, but far behind France because these three countries taken together add up to approximately 15 000 students. Some new trends appeared over the last few years: Spain records a continuous reduction of the Moroccan student community for the past 10 years essentially because of budgetary restrictions. Meanwhile, numbers changed and knew a massive progress these last years of the choice of Germany as destination of studies. From almost 3000 in 2012, there are more than 8000 Moroccan student’s today pursing their program in this country. They are particularly attracted by a system of education offering trainings.

The first non-European country to welcome Moroccan students is Canada with approximately 2000 young people, knowing that the procedures of admission and registration are particularly selective. Also let us indicate that with the new south-south cooperation, the countries of the North of the hemisphere are not any more the only ones to attract our students: new destinations are born and since a few years, the Moroccan students leave studying in China or in Turkey, and their number is in constant increase … For Turkey, the number of Moroccan students is a few certainly still relatively, but their progress is impressive: of some tens another four years ago, they were from now on more than 500 in 2015.

The State Turkish encourage moreover this coming by granting every year dozens of scholarships to the Moroccans pursuing a training in the country.

In The example of China, the country developed these last years a real policy of attractiveness in the direction of the international students, with in particular a more and more generous program of scholarships, result: among the present 179 nationalities, every year it is dozens of Moroccan which leave pursuing their program in one of 2700 institutions of higher education of ” the Middle Kingdom “, mainly in Shanghai and Beijing. We record this day hundred Moroccan, but this figure grows year by year. That is not a coincidence moreover certainly if there is since a few years a cycle of Chinese Language Bachelor’s degree in Mohammed V Rabat Agdal university.


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